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Thank you so much for visiting my website. I am Kendall Davis, an experienced copyeditor and writer. Please take a look at my About page to learn about my experience as a diverse writer and copyeditor for over 20 years.


I deliver value-boosting writing and editing to you for the dissemination of your literary content. Great writing is simple but not simplistic. Your ideas and/or messages stand out in my works which are grounded in research and credibility, plus they emerge clearly from a foundation of logic and structure. I supply value to content whether that means more sales, a larger audience, establishing authority and credibility, or creating trust in products and/or services.


Great copyeditors guide writers to use their individual voices effectively, develop stronger and more concise content, and organize the structure of sentences and paragraphs so that they read in a logical and sequential form.


Please see my Portfolio page to see examples of my distinct styles of writing. Proper content and proper English are extremely important in media content dissemination. Did you know that American employees who consistently communicate in writing using proper English are far more likely to be promoted than others? This old cliche, while droll, is effective in this instance, "You never get a second chance to make a first impression". Your online content is the first thing visitors see when they look at your website. Correct grammar, style, and punctuation make a great impression.




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