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I am well-versed in the English language with over 20 years of experience as a published author and writing for clients. My published works include historical articles in museums and historical societies. I have been published in magazines, written advertising copy, blogs, content marketing, editorial material, and newspaper articles and columns. I also make a living as a copyeditor.


I hail from North Texas and Oklahoma and currently reside in both states. I attended Texas Woman's University in Denton, Texas, and graduated magna cum laude.


I currently hold a staff position writing articles for which is a popular web magazine that garners 275,000 visitors a year. I command another strong skill in the genre of research. While producing three talk radio shows a week, I took radio copy from a popular Dallas, Texas, weekly radio show and turned it into a popular weekly newspaper column. History, researching and writing about it, is my first love interest.


I am available to write and edit pro bono for Veteran’s charity publications. U.S. Veteran's organizations are crucial for the welfare of both active duty military personnel, their families, and veterans of the armed forces in America.


I am active in animal welfare and have rescued animals from dogs to chickens to horses since 1972. I once posted so frequently on that when I pulled a listing for a collie rescue, the pet adoption website asked me to create a shelter even though I did not have one. So, with my two friends with the same purposes in three different regions, we listed the North Texas & Central Oklahoma Shelter on the site. As with all great endeavors, as we aged, our time has come to advise and consult.


I began rescuing hybrid wolfdogs when I found a beautiful, female Dingo beaten up and left for dead on I35 from losing her last illegal dogfight in 1999. A beautiful, 75% timber wolf hybrid rescue named Waya Agali, the Cherokee words for wolf and sun is singing respectively, gracefully shares her life with me and beautifully lights up my life with her daily mission to seek the best nature can offer us on Waya's terms. 

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