I deliver value-boosting writing and editing to you for the dissemination of your literary content. Great writing is simple but not simplistic. Your ideas and/or messages stand out in my works which are grounded in research and credibility, plus they emerge clearly from a foundation of logic and structure. I supply value to your content whether that means more sales, a larger audience, or authority and trust in your products.





2017     CURRENT


LakeTexoma.com                         Two Articles Per Month

Freelance Copyediting:               Various Clients; Various Deadlines

Freelance Writing:                        Various Clients; Various Deadlines






KNON 89.3 FM Dallas TX:           Public Relations Director; Production;   

             1994- 1995                       Radio Copy; Copywriting;  Marketing;                     2001-2003                       Management;  Reporting;                                                       Investigative  Reporting;

                                                      Producer: 3 Talk Radio Shows Per Week


Trophy Club Buzz:                       Weekly Column


KNON 89.3 FM Dallas, TX:          Radio Copy to AP Style for Newspaper   


Roanoke Historical Society:       Family History Research Documents


Thunder Roads Oklahoma:         Monthly Column


Editor:                                           Jay Peak: National Best Selling Author:                                                        Retirement Planning




Texas Woman’s University:         Psychology Major/Spanish Minor

          1989-1994                            GPA:   magna cum laude


Oklahoma State University:         Keys To Effective Editing





Copyediting/Proofreading:                           Writing:


            Research and Fact Checking            Establishing Tone

            Accuracy                                            Establishing Purpose                   

            Consistency                                       Identifying Theme

            Detail Orientation                               Identifying Audience

            Organization                                       Style    

            Clarity                                                 Structure



                                              Copy Writing

                                            Business Writing





I began writing in journals about my traveling experiences as a child and continued that practice throughout adulthood. I always wanted to be a writer. As a young adult, I realized I needed a college education if I wanted to succeed. I was 40 years of age before I decided I had built a large enough foundation of education and experience to write professionally. I write full-time, but I am still in the stage where I have pitch and publish as much as I can in order to make freelancing profitable.


I learned about writing on deadlines when I went to work for the radio station. My position required me to write radio copy, local commercials, promotional materials, and interview copy. At the urging of a friend of mine who owned three small, but successful, newspapers for Dallas, Texas, suburbs, I wrote a weekly column for him. I took some of the radio copy from different radio shows and turned them into AP copy. I also started investigating historical rumors and researching the material for no other reason than posterity. Some of the stories sold and some ended up in museums.


Over the years, I have written in many genres in my work and as a volunteer for non-profit organizations. I wrote articles and speeches for several of my hometown Veterans of Foreign Wars publicity campaigns.


I live to write and edit for clients and for myself.





My parents raised me from a child into an adult in a public relations environment. Several five-star hotels employed my father as their general manager during the Dallas, Texas, heyday of growth during the 1960s and 1970s including the still operating Stoneleigh P Hotel and the now demolished North Park Inn. I spent years with him while he managed the live entertainment, nightclubs, hotel operations, restaurants, conventions, and staff.


I spent my teenage years working in hospitality service industries and my young adult years working in nightclubs with live entertainment. I managed nightclubs and booked entertainment. I have worked on and off all of my life in live music entertainment venues. I managed a popular band at one time. As a band manager, I booked venues, marketed and promoted the band, and produced a CD.


At KNON radio, I signed a one-year contract as their Public Relations Director in 1994. I was the first director in their history to promote the three talk shows that I produced. I was the first PR director to interview people from many walks of life and sell effective advertising. Other producers at the station picked me up to help them out when needed as a producer and director.


I took a volunteer position as the PR director for Operation Homefront Oklahoma for the year of 2009. I booked TV and radio spots, created a donor list for the fundraising arm of this organization, organized live entertainment fundraising events, and interviewed recipients of the benefits from donors.


I created a PR campaign for a local library to promote children’s books and authors. I volunteered at a food pantry and organized community events that raised funds for our clients.


I am the sole producer of my own freelance business. I handle public relation and marketing issues on a daily basis.




At TWU, I conducted my internships with Dr. Daniel Miller, Ph.D. ABPP. I worked in Dr. Miller’s laboratory on research with the goal of accrediting the TWU Psychology Doctoral Program by the American Psychology Association. The program received accreditation after I graduated, and Dr. Miller's submissions included some of my work. I administered, analyzed, and researched brain scans of numerous subjects in double-blind experiments.


Southwestern American history is my favorite subject to write about and involves a large amount of research. I currently write for a web magazine, LakeTexoma.com/news with 275,000 visitors a year. Many of my articles are historical pieces.


Writing historical articles require extreme attention to facts and details which includes mining information from many regions, resources, and mediums, plus interviews with subjects and experts. In my current web magazine semimonthly column, most of my articles require detailed research whether they are in the genre of brand creation, content marketing, history, interviews, journalism, or investigative journalism.













































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