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Content Marketing~Industry~Thought Provoking

Pinterest  Explodes With Marketing Success!

31 March 2017

Diversity Training Programs: Friend or Foe:

Internal and External Company Policies and Procedures

5 July 2019

Historical Nonfiction

These articles are adapted from my published articles under my byline, Kendall Davis, on

Lake Texoma Dot Com is a regional online magazine that features interesting people, things, and animals where I live.

The Harvey Girls

11 April 2019

Teddy Roosevelt Swooped Through Grayson County Like a Rock Star in 1905

All Aboard:

Orphan Train Riders

25 October 2018

WWII Prisoner of War Camps in Texomaland

Investigative Reports

Giving DNA Test Kits as a Gift?

Who Owns Your DNA Data?

14 November 2018

Do Not Feed or Fear the Gators on Lake Texoma

26 July 2018

Not the Wolves

. . .

But the Wolfdogs

11 January 2018


Shame on Texomaland Litterers:

Per Year

County Taxpayer Cost:


Federal Taxpayer Cost: $475,963,510

28 June 2018

Academic Papers:

These papers made a grade of 100

for one of my college student clients

Review of Carmina Burana 1994

For Music Appreciation

10 December 2018

Trump Executive Order: Protecting the Nation from Foreign Terrorist Entry into the United States

29 March 2019

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